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Oakwash Ceramics



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Ako the Follower

Well if you believe in such things, very little equipment was recovered from Site 9 of the ill-fated expedition in search of the lost city except for this peculiar mask. This celebratory mask was worn by a young attendant to the storyteller at a lagoon where the waters flow dark as obsidian during festivals and high events in the lost city. The most notable festival was the celebration of the rising of the Black Moon. The skull looks remarkably human-like, but even experts of the Explorer’s Club are at a loss of what the face of the Akolouthos looks like as the mask has formed a permanent bond with the skull. According to the Explorer’s Club resident South American Cryptologist, this mask has similar markings to the Brazilian Lara or pays tribute to a lost creature of the black lagoon. Notice the large eyes and the pronounced scales on the face. Perhaps to see underwater or maybe in the far reaches of outer space.

Again, if you believe in such things…

Artifact Specs:

Height: in±

Diameter: in±

Glaze Finish: Bone

QTY: 50

Glaze Finish: Creature

QTY: 125

Glaze Finish: Follower

QTY: 25

All of our artifacts are produced in limited editions, with each release being a one time event followed by the destruction of the molds. Each design will be accompanied by a card detailing its unique backstory, and they will also be individually numbered and signed by the artist. 

Once you've placed your artifact order, the Louisiana Chapter of the Explorer's Club will meticulously create replicas using a master casting of the original artifact. Each replica is carefully finished with a custom finish of your choosing and then securely packaged for shipping. We take pride in our efficient service, and orders are typically fulfilled within 90 days from the date of your order.

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