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Oakwash Ceramics

AR-TI-FACT OAK-002: Ocean Toki

AR-TI-FACT OAK-002: Ocean Toki

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The toki represents courage, power and authority. Only the elders would wear this pendant representing their courage and strength.

This particular ar-ti-fact was one of the first to be discovered from the lost expedition to discover the ancient city. Members of the Louisiana Chapter of the Explorer's Club do not completely understand the intricate markings on this Toki, but have noted similar markings present on drawings of god-like figures wearing similar “Tokis.” Afterall, tokis can be discovered far and wide. 

What they don't realize is that this particular Toki is used by a master wayfinder to wayfind their way back home. Only a master wayfinder knows the value of this tool. As the Tahitian proverb says, "The well trodden path is not always the right path." However, with shifting tectonic plates and time, using this Toki has become a lost art. The Toki is the most useful tool on land, why not at sea? The Toki lines up with the stars to help the bearer locate the "Ho'okele Aphelion." This phenomenon is when the Sun, moon, and earth are in a line and form the lowest of low tides thus revealing the entrance to the ancient city. This Toki is the key to finding the ancient city!

Artifact Specs:

Height: in±

Diameter: in±

Glaze Finish: Porcelain

QTY: 100

Glaze Finish: Moss

QTY: 50

Glaze Finish: Ocean

QTY: 50

All of our artifacts are produced in limited editions, with each release being a one time event followed by the destruction of the molds. Each design will be accompanied by a card detailing its unique backstory, and they will also be individually numbered and signed by the artist.

Once you've placed your artifact order, the Louisiana Chapter of the Explorer's Club will meticulously create replicas using a master casting of the original artifact. Each replica is carefully finished with a custom finish of your choosing and then securely packaged for shipping. We take pride in our efficient service, and orders are typically fulfilled within 90 days from the date of your order.

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