Society of Continental Archaeological Recovery (SCAR)

“Is that a note of fear in your voice?”

(Rivals to the OAK Expeditionary Agency)

In the shadowy history of the Louisiana Chapter of the Explorer’s Club, there exists a sub group known only as "The Society of Continental Archaeological Recovery." Believed to be founded decades ago by members of the Pillagers’ Brigade, SCAR comprises a cunning and eclectic group of explorers, archaeologists, and master thieves, their origins remain shrouded in mystery, buried deeper than the treasures they covet. The society's inception can be traced back to a time when the world was an uncharted canvas of forgotten civilizations and lost wonders. These audacious pioneers possessed a singular ambition: to unearth the world's most coveted and elusive treasures, art, and artifacts, and to claim them as their own by any means necessary. These dastardly adventurers viewed their roles as guardians of history and rescuing invaluable artifacts for themselves all to enjoy.