OAK Expeditionary Agency

Amongst the catacombs of antiquities and artifacts of the Louisiana Chapter of the Explorer's Club, the Otherworldly Artifact Kiln-venture returned from its most recent expedition. As they say in the OAK Expeditionary Agency, "Exploramus Tellus Adventurae."  (We Explore Ceramic Adventures)

This group is renowned for climbing the highest mountains, swimming the deepest oceans, recovering ancient relics such as "the heart" that controlled the seas,  traversing the scorching desert, and unearthing leaking tikis believed to be lost to the ages. The Louisiana Chapter of the Explorer's Club benefited greatly from the ar-ti-facts donated by the OAK Expeditionary Agency. Recent whispers amongst the club spoke of ancient pendants and other artifacts that worked in tandem with one another granting the wearer access to untold abilities and stories.