Hi! I'm Omar at Oakwash!

Welcome to Oakwash LLC, where artistry meets craftsmanship. I'm Omar Girona, the creative force behind Oakwash. Nestled in the heart of South Louisiana, our small studio is where we bring ceramic wares to life.

For the past four years, we've been sharing our ceramic journey with you on social media, primarily through Instagram. It's on these platforms that we've documented the evolution of our craft, revealing the painstaking process that goes into each piece we create. At Oakwash, we take pride in crafting not just mugs but also ceramic art that transcends mere functionality and becomes collector's items.

Thank you for joining us on this creative journey. We look forward to sharing our passion for ceramics with you.

  • Elizabeth M.

    Oakwash goes above and beyond!

  • Mike G.

    Contemporary, prolific, visual storyteller.

  • Stephen C.

    Elevate the life of your cocktails with an Oakwash mug! Expertly crafted for the connoisseur of fine art collecting.

  • Jesse H.

    Each new mug I get from Oakwash feels like it was made special just for me... That's the kind of care Omar puts into his products.

  • John H.

    It is such a cool experience to watch Omar share the process behind making these beautiful pieces. It is so exciting to receive a piece of art when you see how much time, effort, and heart goes into crafting them.

  • Adam M.

    One of the best guys in ceramic and cardboard production making some of the best mugs out there — great in the hand and on the shelf! Omar is great, and so is Chicken Elmo!

  • Aaron H.

    Some of my favorite and treasured Tiki mugs come from Oakwash Ceramics. Oakwash has created incredible pieces of art that are high quality and tell a story. What sets Oakwash apart from other companies is its attention to detail, unwavering dedication to customer support, and transparency. Omar goes above and beyond to ensure that customers are satisfied and beats deadlines so that customers can receive their orders. Omar even takes it a step further by providing updates on what is happening in the shop which is a level of transparency and continued service that is rarely found these days. If you're searching for top-tier tiki mugs and extraordinary customer service, look no further than Oakwash Ceramics in the heart of Louisiana. Thank you, Oakwash, for continuing to provide high-quality art I proudly use and display in my collection! I am excited to see what you have cooked up next!